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            2021 5th WDC opens in Shenzhen

               2021-09-13 國際無人系統茄子660
            核心提示:[News from this newspaper (pub, Taiwan, Internet)] On May 21, the 5th World UAV Conference 2021 and the 6th Shenzhen Int

            [News from this newspaper (pub, Taiwan, Internet)] On May 21, the 5th World UAV Conference 2021 and the 6th Shenzhen International UAV Exhibition with the theme of "New Starting Point, New Value" opened in Shenzhen. This conference is co-sponsored by China Electronic Information Industry Federation, Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Government, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Government Procurement Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences UAV Application and Control Research Center, China International Association for Science and Technology Cooperation, and China Civil Airport Association. Shenzhen Undertook by the UAV Industry Association and Nanshan District Industry and Information Technology Bureau. The conference was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town. At the same time, the 6th Shenzhen International UAV Exhibition was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. A total of 33 parallel forums were held during the conference, including 30 Chinese and foreign academicians, 400 speakers, and more than 8,000 participants. 369 exhibitors displayed 2,270 UAVs, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships, robots, 7 UAVs, In the robot performance competition, 50,000 buyers gathered in Shenzhen. At the same time, the Fifth Global UAV Contribution Award and the 2021 Fifth World UAV Conference Innovative Product Award and Dapeng Design Award were announced.

            Ai Xuefeng, Member of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal People’s Government; Wang Dianjia, Deputy District Mayor of the Nanshan District People’s Government of Shenzhen; Zhang Jianguo, former director of the Bureau of Foreign Experts; Zhang Feng, former party member and chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Mei Zubao, deputy inspector of the Equipment Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Yao Weike, President of the China Association for International Cooperation in Science and Technology; ? Khan, Consul General of Ethiopia in Guangzhou, Wu Naitu De Bella, Consul of the Swiss Federal Government in Shanghai Meng Shanneng, and Consul General of Belgium in Guangzhou Du Luguo delivered speeches respectively. Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Kontaparansi, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Phromthep Thiganzana, Minister of Science and Technology of Pakistan Hibli Faraz, Minister of Innovation and Technology of Ethiopia, Ahmedin Mohammed, Economy of the Western Region of Switzerland The Director of the Development Department Thomas Bohn gave a video speech respectively. Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Chen Zhijie, Liu Dayang, and Fan Benyao gave special lectures for the conference, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Shen Changxiang, Du Yanliang, He Jifeng, Song Baoan, Chen Xuegeng, foreign academicians of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences Zhang Tiezhu, academicians of the International Academy of Astronautics He Zhibin, and academicians of the Eurasian Academy of Sciences Zhu Ming, etc. 30 domestic and foreign academicians attended the conference. Speech by Yang Jincai, Executive Chairman of 2021 World UAV Conference, President of Shenzhen UAV Industry Association, Honorary Academician of European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Academician of European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Academician of Russian Academy of Social Sciences, Foreign Academician of Georgian National Academy of Sciences , Professor Lan Yubin, Chairman of the International Society of Precision Agriculture Aviation presided over the conference forum, and Yang Peng, Secretary General of the 2021 World UAV Congress presided over the opening ceremony of the conference.

            Major General Yin Zhuo, a well-known military expert and director of the Naval Network Security and Informatization Expert Committee; Xu Xiwei, Dean of the National Academy of Natural Disaster Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Emergency Management; Chen Feng, Director of the School Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education; Engineer Pan Wei, former Deputy Inspector of the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Shi Jingmin, Deputy Chief Engineer of the Institute of Reliability Engineering of Beihang University, Deputy Director of the AVIC Reliability Technology Center Zhang Wenjin, Professor of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Key Laboratory of Information Fusion Technology of the Ministry of Education Director Pan Quan, Vice President of China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute Su Yu, Vice President of Asian Engineering Technology of Saudi Arabian National Petroleum Corporation Muhammad Qatani, President of Japan Unmanned System Industry Development Association Shinji Suzuki, Chairman of ISOTC20/SC16 Johk Walker gave a keynote speech respectively.

            Among the guests present at the conference were: Xu Chaoqun, Director of the Airworthiness Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Wang Fuxiang, deputy director of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Huang Zhijian, deputy director of the Guangdong Emergency Management Department, and Gu Dongzhong, director of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee for the Promotion of International Trade, Li Yongzheng, Director of Aviation Division of Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau, Wu Lizhi, Vice President of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, People's Police University of China, Bi Meijia, former member of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Director of the Department of Personnel and Labor, former Director of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, World Hu Xinyu, Executive Dean of the Innovation Research Institute, Mei Yonghong, Vice President of Country Garden Group and former Director of the Department of Regulations of the Ministry of Science and Technology; Hao Jinxin, Deputy Director of the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Yong, Deputy Director of the Fifth Institute of Electronics, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Xu Ming, Chief Technology Officer of Aviation Technology Research Institute, Zhan Peng, Deputy Mayor of Cangzhou Municipal Government, Hebei Province, Li Erzhong, Deputy Mayor of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province; Liu Lan, Former Director of Air Force Operations Department, Liu Feng, Former Commander of Sanya Aircraft Carrier base, Beijing Wu Zhiqiang, former director and major general of the Public Security Fire Bureau, Tao Junsheng, former deputy director of the Equipment and Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, Ma Weia, former deputy director of the Public Security Administration of the Ministry of Public Security, Wen Zhongmin, former deputy inspector of the Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, former deputy inspector of the Science and Information Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security Zhang Zhongxiao, Hu Chuanping, former director of the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, Yang Shuanchang, chairman of the EU Working Committee of the China-Europe Economic and Technical Cooperation Association, Ding Yue, former director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and Sun Weiguo, former deputy director of the National Air Traffic Control Commission, National Security Alarm System Hu Zhiang, Director of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing), Wu Wei, President of Guangdong UAV Association, Qu Xiaoshun, President of Shenzhen Security Association, Wu Guangquan, President of Shenzhen Federation of Industry, Shu Zhenjie, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Aviation Research Institute, Sun Dan, Senior Vice President of Seagate Technology, Bai Huade, Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce Aerospace Working Group, CEO of Safran China, Su Jicheng, Deputy Secretary-General of the Civil Airports Association of China, Dong Chuanyi, Advisor of the World UAV Conference, Dong Zhenguo, President of Hebei Political Affairs Association, Sun Shoujun, Secretary-General of the China Civil Aviation Emergency Rescue Alliance, and the National Air Traffic Management Commission, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Emergency Management, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Civil Aviation Administration of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 13 national ministries and commissions, including the Academy of Engineering, the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, and the National Forest Fire Administration, sent relevant experts to attend the conference, leaders and experts from relevant departments in Guangdong, Shenzhen, and other provinces and cities, and ambassadors from nearly 50 countries and their embassies and consulates in China , Consul General, Commercial Counselor, International Unmanned Systems Association, World UAV Federation, International UAV Open Source Developers Organization, IEEE International Electrical and Electronic Engineers Association, International UAV System Standardization Association and many other international, national and More than 1,000 people in charge of the regional drone industry, domestic and foreign drone experts and entrepreneurs attended the conference.

            Innovative applications UAV industry grows against the trend

            As the world's most important industrial base for civilian unmanned aerial vehicles, China has a total of 70,000 enterprises that have obtained the operating qualifications for civilian unmanned aerial vehicles. In 2020, the total output value of the drone industry will reach 67 billion yuan, an increase of 33%. Among them, there are more than 1,200 drone companies in Shenzhen, with an output value of 50 billion yuan. The exported consumer drones account for 90% of the country's total, and the industrial drones account for 60% of the domestic market share; drone exports 180 100 million yuan. The Shenzhen UAV industry has formed a complete R&D, manufacturing, sales and service system.

            UAV is a product of a variety of high-tech integration and integration. It has the characteristics of high technical content, wide market application, and strong industrial radiation penetration capability. It has become an important starting point for countries all over the world to strengthen national defense construction and the implementation of artificial intelligence industry, and is listed as a national strategic emerging industry and a high-tech industry that is prioritized for development. The world today is facing major changes unseen in a century. The global pandemic of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has accelerated this major change. As a major producer of civilian drones in the world, the development of China's drone industry has received great attention from the international community.

            From the perspective of application areas, UAVs have played an important role in many areas of economic and social development. Especially during the epidemic, the application of drones in the fields of publicity, transportation of emergency supplies, inspections, lighting, infrared temperature measurement, code scanning, 5G networks, and the full coverage and flexibility demonstrated have allowed many drone manufacturers to The market demand for fighting the epidemic has enriched application solutions, extended its own product line, and innovated drone intelligent technology. In the future, drones incorporating big data and artificial intelligence will play a more active role in the fields of public safety, emergency rescue, surveying and mapping, meteorology, environmental protection, and inspection.

            For China, broad market demand prospects and innovative talents with new technologies are a strong driving force for the future development of the industry. my country's large population, vast land area, large reserves of oil and gas pipelines and power grid facilities, rapid development of the express delivery industry, and the peak period of social informatization construction have brought huge market demand to the drone industry. However, with the development of the market, the future competition in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles will become more and more fierce, and it is more necessary to solve the core technical problems of industrial development. Such as chip technology, power technology, flight control technology, etc., we must pay more attention to the combination of artificial intelligence and drones. Mastering core technologies and improving independent research and development capabilities and levels are the keys to the healthy development of the drone industry. only in these areas can we continue to achieve only through breakthroughs can we get ahead and gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition.

            Exhibition performances bloom new value

            With the theme of "New Starting Point, New Value", this conference consists of a conference, an exhibition and 33 forums, covering all aspects of drone applications.

            Highlight 1: A conference with 30 forums and 400 Chinese and foreign experts

            The conference is composed of an opening ceremony, a special invitation report, a keynote speech, a special report, a grand ceremony, and award selection. The most influential experts, academicians and entrepreneurs in the field of drones in the world, focusing on the cutting-edge technology, industry trends, and future development of drones, focusing on precision agriculture, police security, pipeline inspections, In-depth discussions on hot spots in the fields of surveying, environmental protection, logistics and transportation, earthquake firefighting and emergency rescue, flight supervision, airport safety, standard setting, unmanned water systems, 5G, artificial intelligence, etc. will not only create a top-notch cooperation and exchange platform for participants, but also Provide landing services for UAV users.

            Chen Zhijie, director of the National Key Laboratory of Airspace Technology, leader of the National Air Traffic Management Expert Group, and chairman of the World UAV Congress, put forward his thoughts on the development of urban UAV traffic management system technology. Fan Benyao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and famous Beidou satellite navigation expert In view of the application of the Beidou satellite navigation system in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, Liu Daxiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a well-known aero engine expert, believes that unmanned aerial vehicles will usher in new opportunities for historical development. Chen Zhaopeng, Director of Shenzhen Qianhai Customs, introduced the construction of a drone technology and trade base and boosted the development of the drone industry. Xu Xiwei, Dean of the National Academy of Natural Disaster Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Emergency Management, explained the role of drones in the prevention and control of natural disasters. It plays an important role. Chen Feng, director of the School Planning, Construction and Development Center of the Ministry of Education, expressed his opinion on how the integration of production and education can empower the cultivation of drone talents. Thinking about the current management situation, Pan Wei, deputy director of the Salvage and Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, analyzed the demand for drones flying at sea; Zhang Wenjin, deputy chief engineer of the Institute of Reliability Engineering of Beihang University and deputy director of the AVIC Reliability Technology Center, published an unmanned Research results on reliability of aircraft systems, Pan Quan, professor of Northwestern Polytechnical University and director of the Key Laboratory of Information Fusion Technology of the Ministry of Education, made a report on the development of UAV integrated security technology, vice president, PhD, and professor-level of China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute Senior engineer Su Yu gave a detailed introduction to the development and application of 5G connected drones; Muhammad Qatani, Vice President of Asian Engineering Technology, Saudi Arabian National Petroleum Corporation, introduced the application of drones and robotics in the oil and gas industry, Japan Shinji Suzuki, president of the Unmanned Systems Industry Development Association, introduced the development status of unmanned systems and unmanned aerial vehicles in Japan. Finally, Major Yin Zhuo, director of the Naval Informatization Expert Committee, will give a special report for the conference: "The Changing World Pattern and Security."

            Highlight 2: Two thousand UAVs gathered in the Greater Bay Area

            369 exhibitors showcased 2,270 UAVs, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships, and robots. A group of anti-epidemic UAVs and robots bring "black technology", unmanned helicopters, unmanned fixed-wing aircraft, and unmanned multi-rotors Aircraft, unmanned airships (ships), flying cars, underwater vehicles, and upstream and downstream supporting industrial products made a brilliant appearance.

            Well-known companies participating in the exhibition include: SF Technology, JD Logistics, DJI Innovation, Jifei Technology, Walkera, Corbett, Dazhi Wujiang, Keweitai, Zhongke Smart, Chengdu Zongheng, Honeycomb Aerospace, Times Starlight, Daotong Intelligent, Shenzhen Zhihang, Pinling, Qifei, Puzhou, Yifei Intelligent Control, Beiqing General Aviation, Ruishen Optoelectronics, Gaoju Innovation, Greepu, Jincheng Airlines, Wofei Changkong, Feiyu, Pegasus, T- motor, Hexing, Haofu, Fuya Smart, Wanlian Hangtong, Huimingjie, Xingluo Smart, Tongkongxiaxia, Huazhiyi, Geek Bridge, Tejin Wireless, Big Wing Aviation, Aopu, United Aviation, Tianyi Innovation, Gaoxin, Heqi Intelligent, Chenxin, Tiantai, Albis, Chenjing Electronics, Haoke, Xiangtuo Aviation, Yunlun Intelligent, Yuanchuan Rongchuang, Shibao, Science and Technology Quansheng, Hanfeiying , Yunzhuo Technology, Changguang Yuchen, Leixun Innovation, Grapefruit Aviation, Siyi Technology, Xuanji Technology, Maide Electromechanical, Seagate, Zhongtong Chinasoft, Huaao Airlines, Star Innovation, Shuangjie, Kodiwei Power, Wing Air, Science and Technology, Super Depth of Field, Chengzhi, Chengzhi Intelligence, Xiaode Power, Huamai, Yonghang Xinyuan, Haitek, Stealth Innovation, Dragon Wing Aviation, Sky Innovation, Zall Aviation, Jinhang, Light Wings, Huaxiasheng, Hobbywing, Discovery Eagle, Maitreya Haoxiang, Deep Blue, Tianyuan Ou Rui, Topology, SWIP, Ruiyi, Yaoyu Aviation, Jinshan Industrial Park, Liyang UAV Industrial Park, Vision Vision, Intercontinental General Aviation, Boying General Aviation, Lingfei Aviation, Kefei, Qiyun General Aviation, etc.

            Highlight 3: First three drone reports and two drone group standards

            "2021 China UAV Industry Development Report" organized by Shenzhen UAV Industry Association and Shenzhen Rainbow Eagle Unmanned System Research Institute, and "Unmanned UAV Industry Association" prepared by Shenzhen UAV Industry Association and Shenzhen Camera Industry Organization The launching ceremony of the three new books "UAV Working System Practical Technology" organized by Shenzhen UAV Industry Association and compiled by Sino-Ocean Aviation Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was held during the conference.

            At the same time, it was compiled by Shenzhen UAV Industry Association, Shenzhen Security Industry Association, China Mobile (Chengdu) Research Institute Co., Ltd., SF Bird UAV Technology Co., Ltd., JD UAV Research Institute, Seagate Technology and other units The "Commercial UAV Data link and Storage Specification" and the "Anti-UAV Technical Specification" group standards were released.

            Highlight 4: The drone performance creates four Guinness records, and the competition is rich and colorful

            During the conference, Shenzhen Gaoju Innovation Technology Development Co., Ltd. successfully challenged four Guinness Records: the largest number of drones flying at the same time, the largest number of light source images composed of drones, the most continuous formation of drones, and the longest drone. Perform animation. At the same time, seven drone shows, drone aerial photography competition, drone innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and drone football competition brought the World Drone Conference to a climax. Drone football match, Mecha Masters, Tesla car dismantling version display, "Zhichuang Cup" cutting-edge technology challenge qualifiers.

            The English name of "Drone Soccer" is Drone Soccer. This aerial sport event originated in South Korea. It uses a special drone ball covered with a spherical plastic frame for a five-on-five competition. Win the game by scoring the drone ball into the air ring goal installed in a special cage. Drone football is not only simple in rules and high in safety, but also suitable for all ages, and even people with disabilities can experience the fun of the game.

            The RoboMaster Youth Series (RMY, RoboMaster Youth Series) is a brand new exploration of the national college student robot competition RoboMaster has expanded to the youth group five years after the competition. The event was initiated by DJI Innovations, requiring young people to participate as a team. The youth series includes: youth competitions using EP robots, youth missions drone maze competitions using TT programmed drones, youth missions AI nuclear power rescue competitions using TT and EP, and all citizens using S1 robots. Challenge.

            Tesla dismantled. Tesla Model 3 is a compact and economical electric new energy vehicle. Production began in mid-2017. Both the overall appearance design and the driving control feel are deeply loved by users. The disassembled version of the Tesla car can facilitate the audience to understand in detail the overall structure of the modern version of the car, the birthplace of accessory products, the transfer efficiency and many other popular science knowledge. It is a good knowledge for users, audiences and enterprises. Popular science.

            "Zhichuang Cup" cutting-edge technology challenge qualifier. The "Zhichuang Cup" Frontier Technology Challenge strives to build a platform for the participating teams to connect resources, enhance value, promote growth, and showcase their style. The competition will effectively encourage and support innovation, promote the effective connection of technology, talents, government, industry, and capital, and promote the realization of the "three batches" goal of "discovering, guiding and cultivating a batch". At the same time, through the "Intelligent Innovation Cup" window, Shenzhen has also demonstrated its image as a pioneer area of inclusiveness, seeking talents, encouraging innovation, and supporting entrepreneurship to the whole country and the world, accelerating the gathering of global scientific and technological resources and stimulating the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship. , To promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements. The first "Smart Innovation Cup" has a total prize of RMB 24 million, and a single prize of up to 8 million. More than 1,500 projects have signed up for the competition. More than 70 competitions have been held in China, Germany, Israel, Japan and other Eurasian regions.

            It is worth mentioning that the conference organized the selection of the Innovative Product Award, Dapeng Design Award and Global UAV Contribution Award at the World UAV Conference. The World UAV Conference is not only an industry development platform, but also a link to further condense the wisdom and resources of all parties, and provide a good opportunity for Shenzhen and China's UAV industry to achieve safe, stable and orderly development at a higher level. .

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